Webinars & Tools from CLASS

Inspiring Educators & Ted Talks

When using these videos please think about, “What will you try to recreate in your own classroom? What was eye-opening to you?” and write an email expressing those thoughts.

Protocols for the Thinking Teacher

Below is a presentation by the wonderful Pam Oken-Wright for you to watch. Let me know if you can access it. It will likely only work from a laptop.

What did you learn from pam Oken-Wright?

Tools for Expanding Creativity & Project Work

Below are three articles I’d like you to read. The first two go into specifics on how to use language and provocations to support and promote greater creativity in the classroom. The final article expands on the process of beginning a study or collective project work.

What did you take away and plan to practice in your own classrooms going forward?

Early Years Video Series with a Reggio Lens

Please click the link below to the ‘Cultivating Confidence – Early Years Consultancy’ YouTube series. There are many helpful videos on topics ranging from how to use for documentation to setting up loose parts. I’d like you to watch all these videos, as you reflect on your own classrooms and teaching style. There are a 1 or 2 videos that are age specific. It’s not necessary to watch if it does not apply to your classroom, however, still could be beneficial.

How do you plan to use these new tools when you return?

The Importance of Documentation and How to Use It

Making thinking visible through documentation is critical in the classroom. Documentation is not only a job for the lead teachers. Classrooms should be carefully filled with photos and children’s work, along with the corresponding thoughtful documentation.

What have you gained from these and your understanding of how to document

Fairy Dust Teaching Videos

Please use your time this week to watch each video interview and go through the corresponding pdf documents. I’d like you all to reflect on what you learned and write a one sentence takeaway from each interview.

Fairy Dust Login:
Password: Sprout123!

(After logging in, scroll down through the course options and click on “Black Friday Bundle 2021 Special Bundle” and watch the series of videos.)
Fairy Dust Blog: (For viewing examples of Reggio classrooms and activities)


VA Quality Trainings

Each training is about 1-2 hours long and a certificate can be downloaded upon completion. You will need to create an account.

Center Name: The Sprout School at the Children’s Museum of Richmond

Region: Central

Access Code: VAqris



Feel free to message Bri for any questions about documentation or any challenges you may have.